While we maintain tight control of all aspects of the design process from initial sketch to final set-up (aiming and dimming) to ensure the design is implemented as intended, we strongly believe in team work and draw on an extensive network of experts in all associated fields to provide highly qualified support where required to deliver the best results.

We seek the continuous dialogue with the client as well as the design and operational teams on every project to ensure that our concepts are seamlessly integrated both into the fabric of the space as well as the operational concept.


Design Process:

The international and collaborative nature of our work, has led us to adopt a (4) phase documentation process, we found to be internationally most compatible:

Conceptual Design

/ review project brief with client, design & operational teams

/ provide initial concepts

/ presentation renderings

Design Development

/ review of owner and/or operator comments           

/ development and adjustment of initial concept

documentation of concept in plans and specifications/ schedules for further coordination with design and operational teams

Contract Documents

/ further development of design concept per input of relevant consultant information

/ final documentation concept in plans (incl. details) & specifications (incl custom items)

/ tender assistance

Construction Administration

/  verification of compliance of installation with design intent/documentation

/ FF&E set-up and installation/aiming

/ lighting control system programming

/ styling

/ manuals